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The Calgary Tree Planting team is a group of Calgary citizens united to plant trees in and around our city in order to benefit the environment and offset our carbon emissions. Our mandate is to plant native trees and berry bushes with the City of Calgary or independently by finding landowners and farmers with space for trees. We are particularly interested in helping farmers plant agricultural shelter-belts around their fields because there are added benefits of protecting soil.

In addition to our own tree planting events, we will provide volunteers to the TD Tree Days tree planting events, and the City will contact us when they are in need of tree planting volunteers. Please sign up, so we can contact you about tree planting events in the future. Due to Covid-19 we may not have any events this year.

We are connected to TD Tree Days, Tree Canada, One Tree Planted, and other environmental groups that help provide volunteers.

Tree Planting Events

What to bring

Always bring water, sunscreen, bug spray and wear shoes that will protect your feet. If we are doing a planting event with the City of Calgary or TD Tree Days, then they will have shovels and will take care of watering the trees. But if we are hosting our own event, then we ask that you bring a shovel and a bucket if you have them.

Planting and care

To plant a sapling, dig an appropriately sized hole. If the plant has roots that have grown in circles in the pot, then “tickle” the root first. If not, then simply plant it. Fill in the hole with the excavated soil as needed, and water the sapling thoroughly.

Home/landowners should water sapling(s) 3 to 4 times a week for the first season, and 1 to 2 times the second season until the sapling is established.

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Do you own land?

We’re looking for landowners and farmers with space for trees.

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