Updates on progress on future planting events

Tree Planting Event
  • We advised Hull Services about a grant opportunity in Oct with Tree Canada and we will volunteer to plant trees if they get a grant for 2022.
  • We spoke to Siksika Nation and they would be happy to get trees. We’d need to find a tree donor and water truck to water them for the first few years. Our team will be contacting nurseries in May to ask for tree donations. Also, Tree Canada grant applications open in October for 2022.

Want to help us investigate tree planting opportunities? Please reach out by emailing

2 thoughts on “Updates on progress on future planting events

  1. Good day! I’ve watched a clip on Global News a few weeks ago and been meaning to reach out since. I love to join your group of volunteers! I also have an interest to organize or help with planting trees in my home town or to assist with tree planting in Siksika Nation . I’m just not sure how to start and have several questions if I could talk to someone.

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